Guesthouse in IKI

Since 2016


Access to Minatoya Guest House



From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata Futo (Port)


  • ・It is easy to get from the airport to Hakata / Tenjin station by subway.
  • ・From Hakata / Tenjin areas to Hakata Futo (Port), you can use the Nishitetsu Bus [To Baysaid Place]. ※It is easy to confuse with [To Hakata Kokusai Terminal (Chuo-Futo)], so please be careful not to make a mistake.
  • ・From Hakata to Iki, there are 2 types of ships; a hydro foil (about 1 hour) and a ferry (about 2 hour). Note, the hydro foil and ferry use different docks (they are next to each other), so please be careful!
  • ・For details, please check with each official website.
    Fukuoka-shiei-chikatetsu (Fukuoka City Subway)
    Nishitetsu Bus (Bus)
    Kyushu-Yusen (Hydro foil, Ferry)

From Port to Guest House


  • ・The nearest port to this guest house is “Ashibe-Port”. If you take a bus from the port, please get off at the bus stop [Shian-bashi]. [Shian-bashi] is located between [Yawata] and [Ashibe].
  • ・You can rent an electric-assisted bicycle at the Port tourist information center, in addition, we recommend arranging in advance for things such as rental electric motor bikes, rental cars and taxis.
  • ・For details, please check with each official website or call by phone.
    Iki-Kanko-Navi (Electric assisted bicycle)
    Iki-Eco (Electric motor bike)
    Iki-Kotsu (Fixed route bus)
    Iki-Kotsu-Taxi (Taxi)
    Nico-Nico-Rent-a-car (Rental car)/Ashibe-Rent-a-car

※時刻表記はすべて目安です。The listed times are rough approximations.



Minatoya Guest House
〒811-5301 Nagasaki-ken, Iki-shi, Ashibe-cho, Ashibe-ura 258