Guesthouse in IKI

Since 2016


Following are price of each room, description of the shared space and system/rule within the guesthouse.
Please check before making a reservation.


洋室Western Style Room



Room with one double bed for 1 ~ 2 guests


¥6,500/person for 1 guest ¥5,500/person for 2 guests
*Preschool children sleep free with parents.

  • ライト
  • コンセント
  • ハンガー
  • カギ
  • テーブル

和室Japanese Style Room



There is a space for up to 3 futon (Japanese style mattress). Up to 3 guests can stay.


¥6,000/person for 1 guest ¥5,500/person for 2 guests ¥5,000/person for 3 guests
*Preschool children sleep free with parents.

  • ライト
  • コンセント
  • ハンガー
  • カギ

男女混合ドミトリーMixed Gender Dorm Room



It’s a shared room and there is a curtain partition between each space. Up to 8 guests can stay.


  • ライト
  • コンセント
  • ハンガー

※全部屋冷暖房完備しております。*All rooms have air conditioning.


  • 受付Reception

    チェックイン 16:00~22:00
    チェックアウト 10:00
    フロント受付時間 8:00~10:00/15:00~21:00 Check-in Time 16:00 ~ 22:00
    Check-out Time ~10:00 (AM)
    Reception Hours: 8:00 ~ 10:00, 15:00 ~ 22:00
    Please pay fee at the check-in.
  • サービスService

    無料サービスFree Service

    Free Wifi 無料でwifiをご利用頂けます。

    Wi-Fi is available free of charge

    Strage お荷物預かりサービス(宿泊日のみ)※宿泊日前後は有料となります。

    Free luggage keeping service (Only for the day of stay) *We will charge fee if you want us to keep luggage before or after the stay.

    Hair Dryer ドライヤー&くる巻きヘアアイロン貸出し。

    Hair Dryer & Hair Iron

    Bicycle 電動アシスト付き自転車です。1時間までは無料。ご近所への買い出しなどにどうぞ。それ以上は有料となりますので、くわしくはこちらのページのRENTAL項目よりご確認ください。

    It is a bicycle with electric assist. You can use it for free for up to 1 hour. You can use it to go shopping to nearby store. If you use it for more than 1 hour, you will be charged. Click here for details.
    有料サービスService with Charge

    Laundry 洗濯機(洗剤付き) ¥200/1回

    Laundry (including detergent) ¥200/ use

    Towel バスタオル ¥200/1枚

    Bath towel ¥200
  • 注意事項Note

    • ・The building is old so voices and footstep sound is easily echoed. Please be careful (especially during night time) not to be too loud to other guests.
    • The light is off at 23:00.
    • ・The guest house is surrounded in residential area. Please refrain from making loud noise outside the guesthouse, including smoking area.
    • ・Guesthouse is not a hotel. If you are looking for privacy and hotel-like services, we are not the right place.
    • ・Smoking is prohibited inside of the guest house at all area. Smoking area with an ashtray is at right outside of the entrance.
    • ・We will not hold responsibility of stolen or lost items.